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Today was just one of those days that started like any other. I’ve been doing a lot of reflection over the past few weeks on what are my new goals. The act of starting a new goal is always exciting but my life is pretty consistent despite how random it seems. I always start off the day choosing one of my many similar yet different shirts. Today I chose the shirt labeled Chocolate. I just wanted someone to read “Chocolate” aloud so I can reply “Melts with in your mouth, not in your hands.” Is that too much to ask for? (Who knows…) So I go about my day and start brushing up on PHP namespacing documents. I got some pretty useful information out of the top comment and find out that it was written by me 6 years ago! It felt like the past me was talking to current me. A bit trippy but also a bit embarrassing because I used to be on the bleeding edge of software development >= 6 years ago. I then joined big corporations. The technology was usually behind but I did learn a lot in terms of scalability and working with agile teams. Now in my current role I have the opportunity to do some really cool stuff which has been a bit of a refresh. It’s true what they say, “if you don’t use it, you lose it”. But that’s ok as I was also focusing more on other aspects in my life rather than just being an engineer.

We get two food trucks come by the office parking lot during lunch. One was a rib truck today and the other was some vegan thing. Typically I go straight for the red meat but I thought I’ll be good this one time (at least once this month) and get a vegan burger. My head was lost in code while I waited for my food. The lady from the vegan truck called my name and when I picked up my food she said, “mmmm chocolate, I could take you home and eat you for dessert!” I was totally caught off guard without my one-liner ready. I just chuckled, said thank you, and went back to office. #missedjokeoppurtuniy

My cousin and I met up after work as we normally do on Thursdays to have a drink, talk about life, business, and whatever. I might add that the “Mexican” food at Pink Taco is amazing! My favorite drink lately has been Johnie Walker black label so I’ve been ordering that wherever I go. We were coming to realizations of where technology and businesses are headed. During the talk we got comped free Johnnie Walker blue labels by our waiter! I don’t even know why but who can say no to that? As the Gavin Rossdale would say, “take life straight no chaser!” I ended the day by buying a lottery ticket because today seemed like one of those special occasion weird days and might as well try to exhaust.

Nonetheless I’ve been having an itch that needs scratching in regards to something amazing that needs to be built. Maybe my recent blogs might hint where things are going. Expect some interesting concepts coming down the pipeline as I’m seeing a reflection of where things were a decade ago and getting the sense of a full picture. Time will tell!

Apr 24, 2014 Etc