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Tidying up your security with a Password Manager

Using a password manager adds numerous of security benefits. The key feature being strong unique passwords for each application you use. Two of the most popular password managers are LastPass and 1Password. The main difference is LastPass syncs to all your devices by storing your vault on their servers. 1Password syncs to all your devices via Dropbox and does not save your vault to any other servers. They are both good and whichever you choose to use will be up to you.

After importing all your passwords to the password manager of your choice, you should remove any traces of them from your browsers. Below are links to help you do that for each browser.

Chrome: Uncheck “Offer to save your web passwords.” in your Preferences to have it stop asking.

Multifactor Authentication

It’s a wise choice to enable a second authentication step to access your account. This is especially helpful if you work on a shared computer or on a company owned device. It not only helps you protect your accounts but your company’s as well. Read more about LastPass multifactor options and 1Password, two factor or not two factor.

Nov 11, 2014 Apps